Strengths and Weaknesses of Private and Public Universities

     Of the leading twenty universities in the world more than half are private institutions.
It will therefore be interesting to identify the special characteristics of public and  
     private universities and to learn more about their respective strengths and
     - Can it be said that public universities offer a broader variety of studies
     compared to private universities, which may concentrate on a few disciplines?

     - Which type of institution leads to more dependence on the outside?

     - Is the ethical or values orientation of many private institutions preferable to the 
     ideological neutrality of public universities?

     - Does diversity of income (endowments, funds, fees, grants etc.) a characteristic  
     of private universities contribute to better higher education?

     - Do private universities, with their smaller faculty-student ratio (e.g. 1:10) care more  
     for students and their success?

     - Does the spirit of corporate identity strengthen private universities in comparison
     to public universities?

     - Are there models of higher education institutions which combine the advantages of
     private and public universities? 

     I.C.H.E. offers a forum to exchange views and experiences with the above-
     mentioned questions as well as any others which may be brought to the
This Conference will be of particular interest to those academics and
     administrators who are currently debating a suitable legal form for their institutions.